We specialize in the highest grade colloidal suspensions for hydroponic and horticulture use.

Colloidal Shield™

Colloidal Shield™

Colloidal Shieldcolloidal-shield-bottleNutrient Additive for Feeding Solution – Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

Using a non chemical process, Silver Nutrient Solutions, LLC manufacturer’s a pure ionic colloidal silver suspension to shield your plants from a multitude of nature’s most radical elements while supplementing nutrient uptake; resulting in greener growth, healthier roots, and bigger flowers.

Silver has been used for decades in medicine to promote healing and to aid in the prevention of disease in humans. Thanks to Our proprietary technology we can now provide plants with the very same ionic silver supplement exposure that humans have been privy to for years.

Ionic silver is 100% safe and effective along with being pesticide free. Combine Colloidal Shield to any nutrient solution or H2O and feed through the root system (Do not foliar feed – Do not spray.) When using colloidal shield the proper way, plant genetics will not be altered — GUARANTEED.

Add ¼ cup of Colloidal Shield to every 5 gallons of water along with any nutrient solution. Feed everyday, every other week all through the vegetative stage and do the same during the first 4 weeks of the flowering stage.

DO NOT FOLIAR FEED (Unless you want to produce female pollen)

Seed Feminization
Only use Colloidal Shield as a foliar application if you are tying to manipulate the genetics of certain plants for seed feminization. Colloidal Shield can produce female pollen when used in the proper manner. Companies have been using colloidal silver for this purpose for decades but make sure you know the process.

How to Purchase

Contact your local garden supply and ask for Colloidal Shield.

Contact for wholesale information and/or distribution.